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   TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews

Everyone Can Enjoy Perfect Eyesight With VisionFocus

-6 to +3 Dioptre Range

Individual Lense Adjustment

Full Focus Control

Everyone Can Enjoy Perfect Eyesight With VisionFocus

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TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews

-6 to +3 Dioptre Range

Individual Lense Adjustment

Full Focus Control

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Exceptional Features

Individual Focus Control

Each lens can be dialled separately, perfectly accommodating individuals with different eye needs.

High Wearing Comfort

VisionFocus glasses frames are designed to ergonomically fit your face for maximum comfort.

Adjustable Lens Technology

VisionFocus glasses can be adjusted to fit various vision needs from -6 to +3 diopters, as well as near and far-sightedness.

Cynomed features
Cynomed features
Cynomed features

Anti-scratch Coating

VisionFocus lenses are protected by an anti-scratch coating, preventing any significant damage.

Super Easy to Clean

To maximise user comfort, Visionfocus glasses are designed to repel dust and oil, making the glasses a breeze to clean.

Durable Frame

Visionfocus glasses are designed with your lifestyle in mind – durable to withstand travelling and being on the go.

Clear Vision Whenever You Need It

One Pair Of Glasses For Every Occasion

Many individuals with impaired vision end up relying on several pairs of glasses to live a comfortable life. Visionfocus adjustable glasses can be dialled to fit the user’s needs at any given moment, eliminating the need to carry reading, driving, and other pairs of glasses. This is especially useful while travelling or living in smaller spaces.

Cynomed features
Cynomed features

VisionFocus Is Incomparable

Much More Than Just A Pair Of Glasses

Most adjustable strength glasses on the market offer an exceptionally limited range of vision accommodation, sometimes only spanning over one or two dioptres. This is not a good option for those with near and far-sighted needs. VisionFocus is designed to fit the majority of users of any age, providing one reliable pair of glasses that would fit every occasion and situation.

TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews

How to use VisionFocus

Simple 3-Step Setup

Properly Fit The Glasses

Make sure the glasses sit comfortably on your nose at regular eye level. They should sit where you wouldn’t need to adjust them.

Adjust Lens Strength

Cover each eye one at a time and turn the dials on the sides of each lens to adjust the strength of the glasses.

Enjoy Perfect Vision

That’s it. Now you can forget needing several pairs of glasses for every activity.

Use VisionFocus Anywhere

Optimal Eyesight Wherever You Need It Most








What People Are Saying About VisionFocus


Rated 4.7 / 5 Based On 1,938 Customer Reviews On TrustScore

Perfect Reading Glasses

I had cataract surgery last year… one eye is for distance… other eye is for up close. I love my vision now, but when I read, at length, I found I needed a little help, but the readers that I bought didn’t actually work too well. I figured I’d try these, seeing as they supposedly adjust themselves. In actual fact, they seem to do just that! I’ve only had them for a few days, but so far, I’m quite happy with how they work!

Richard Scott

Awesome for Everyday Use

Awesome for so many reasons. I’m totally stoked because they are exactly what I expected with regard to fit and quality. I have mono-vision, so these have been so great for saving money! I ordered 3 more pairs for my aunts, and they absolutely love them too!

Michael Robbie

Best Choice!

I bought these, hoping to use them for up close reading and small craft work, I absolutely love them !!! They are just what I needed. I was sceptical at first. I have mono-vision, and these help tremendously with that up-close focus work and with the in-between. I liked them so much I tried to find another pair in the stores a couple of years later to keep in my car or purse and couldn’t find them, so now, I’m on the internet buying more. So thank you to whoever finally developed these!!!

Jolene Richardson

Met All Expectations

These are amazing! They’re great. My reading is around +2.25, my near distance (12 feet away) is around +.75, AND I can use these when I wear contacts. The lenses are better than my new prescriptions, with full lens working for me. A+ on effectiveness & super affordable. Super cool!

Katrina Miller

10/10 Purchase

These are amazing. I had never needed glasses before turning 42. I went in and got really expensive glasses that are really cute, but the main thing I can’t see is when I’m reading. I didn’t know that VisionFocus even was a thing. I tried a few of those that worked ok, but some gave me a headache, and for others, I still couldn’t read words. I saw these at Walgreens, and WOW. I don’t know why, but they work! I find it strange that no one else has picked up on this. I have bought 2 pairs so that I can grab them whenever needed. I did read here that they also help with distance. I didn’t know that. Great product!

William Stevens

Must-Have Pair

My mother is so pleased with these glasses. She has tried many different kinds. These work the best. She has had cataract surgery on both eyes and has macular degeneration in both eyes. They work much better than we expected

Aiden Christianson

Choose What’s Right For You

Everyone Needs VisionFocus In Their Lives

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Have Questions?

Usage Related Questions
  • Do these glasses filter out blue light?
    Yes – in order to be useful in as many scenarios as possible, we designed VisionFocus to filter out the harmful blue light emitted from our screens. Note that the strength of the filter does not change while adjusting the dioptrics of the lenses – you will have the perfect amount of protection, no matter your vision.

  • What is the dioptrics range?
    In order to accommodate as many of our customers as possible, VisionFocus can adjust within the dioptric range of -6 to +3. This does not cover all levels of vision at the moment. However, we are working on expanding the dioptric range even more.

  • Do your glasses adjust for each eye separately or does any adjustment adjust both eyes similarly?
    Each lens can be adjusted separately. Most people that need glasses have a difference in the amount of vision each eye has – some differences are barely noticeable, while others require careful adjustment. VisionFocus is ideal if you are looking to perfectly accommodate both of your eyes.

  • Are the frames hypoallergenic?
    Yes, the frames are made from a sturdy hypoallergenic blend of ABS and Acrylic. This makes the frames pleasant to wear and easy to clean, so you can be sure wearing VisionFocus is as comfortable as it can be. What’s more, the materials used are exceptionally flexible and virtually unbreakable.

  • Info on fabric/measures
    The lightweight VisionFocus glasses weigh only 3.5 oz, making them exceptionally comfortable, even while wearing them for extended periods of time. The glasses are sleek and compact, measuring 5.4 inches by 1.25 inches, so bringing them with you is as simple as slipping them into your pocket or bag.

  • What are the available frame colours?
    At the moment, VisionFocus only comes in the Jet Black colour option. However, we are working to bring more variants very soon.

  • I have monovision contact lenses, whereby my left eye is for reading, and the right eye is for nearsighted vision. Would these glasses work?
    Yes, the separately-adjustable lenses can accommodate clients with monovision.
  • Can it be used outside or for driving (day and night)?
    Yes, VisionFocus can be worn like any other pair of regular glasses, no matter the amount of time worn. The glass used in the lens is designed to adapt to both daytime and nighttime, making them one of the most versatile glasses options for long-distance drivers.
  • Are they appropriate for astigmatism?
    VisionFocus adjustments are so precise the glasses can accommodate astigmatism without any problems.
  • Can these be used to see small print?
    Yes, VisionFocus can be adjusted to work even with extra small print.
  • Do you need a prescription at all in order to purchase VisionFocus?
    No, no prescription is needed in order to purchase VisionFocus.
Shipping & Delivery
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    Most of our orders are delivered within 5-12 business days. But please consider any holidays or other situations (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) that might impact delivery times and extend our average delivery times by additional 14 business days.
    If the item hasn’t arrived in 20 calendar days and you have lost its track via our tracking system, please reach us out via contacts provided here, and we will help you out!
  • Can I return my purchase?
    If you are not 100% happy with your order, simply return it within 30 calendar days of delivery in the condition you receive it. After that, we will offer you an exchange or a refund! Please contact our Customer Support team via contacts provided here the correct return address and more information.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship Worldwide. In the event that we are unable to deliver an item to you, we will contact you directly and immediately refund you.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    Orders are processed and shipped within 12 hours. At times of peak demand, such as holidays or weekends, it may take up to 3 business days for your item to be shipped.
  • Is my order tracked?
    All orders are tracked. When your items are shipped, you will receive an email with your order tracking details. Please make sure to check your email inbox, promotions, and/or spam folders to retrieve your tracking email with a tracking number. Use it to track your parcel
    here. Please allow up to 72 hours for your tracking to update.
  • I indicated an incorrect address
    We are only able to edit your delivery address before the item has been dispatched. To do so, please get in touch with us via the contacts provided here.
    If you noticed that the address is incorrect after your parcel was sent or your parcel cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address, please reach out to the delivery company using the tracking information provided to you at the time of purchase.
  • My parcel is lost or went missing
    If your parcel is lost or reported missing by the courier and has no tracking updates – we will send you a replacement. Please get in touch with our Customer Support team via contacts provided here.
  • I think my parcel was stolen
    If your parcel was stolen or missing after confirmed delivery, you are required to launch an investigation with the delivery company using the tracking details provided to you at the time of purchase.
Returns & Cancellation
  • Can I change what I’ve ordered once I’ve placed an order?
    Unfortunately, we cannot change what you’ve ordered but you can return the unwanted items once you’ve received them.
  • How to cancel my order?
    If a request to cancel the order is made prior to shipping or not later than 12 hours after the purchase, we will do our best to hold the item and process a refund.
    Please note that due to time zone differences and our use of multiple shipping partners, we may not be able to cancel your order once it’s been purchased. This means, we will reimburse you in full after proof of return receipt has been received and the order has been returned to our returns center.
    Please contact our Customer Support team to receive a return address and for more information about the further process via contacts provided here.
  • My shipping was delayed – I don’t need the item anymore
    Our average delivery takes between 5 to 12 business days. However, even in the best circumstances, delays can happen outside our control, especially with Covid-19.
    We do not offer refunds or discounts due to unforeseen shipping delays, so please stay patient.
    If you need to track your order, please enter your tracking number received via email here to check the whereabouts of your item.
  • I received a damaged product
    In the case of damaged products, we require photos as proof of the damage, so our team can assess and authorize the return. In case of a requested refund, we require the products to be returned in an original and unused condition. Once the original products are received at the returns center, we will arrange a refund.
    In the case of wishing a replacement item, we might not require you to send the items back to our Returns Center, and arrange a replacement to be shipped to you once the photos will be reviewed and approved.
    Simply contact our Customer Support team via contacts provided here.
  • I received less than I ordered
    While it’s very rare, unfortunately, mistakes can happen. You must notify us within 30 calendar days of noticing a missing product for a refund or replacement to be arranged. For more information, please contact our Customer Support team via contacts provided here.
  • Where should I return my purchase?
    In order to follow our Returns Policy correctly, please contact our Customer Support team via contacts provided here. We will let you know about the procedure and the correct address for your return.
    We have our returns center in the USA and Lithuania.
  • How can I get a refund?
    If the item wasn’t what you’ve expected, it has been damaged or hasn’t arrived, and 30 calendar days have not yet passed after the delivery – please contact our Customer Support team via contacts provided here, and we will help you get a full refund ASAP!
  • How long it takes to get a refund?
    It takes 5-7 business days to issue a refund after the purchase is returned to our Returns center, and 3-20 business days for the refund to appear in your bank account (depending on the payment method).
    For more information, please read our Policies.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Fast Shipping And Delivery Time

Secure Checkout Guarantee

   TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews

Choose VisionFocus And Forget Blurry Moments

Choose VisionFocus And Forget Blurry Moments

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TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews