Everyone OVER 55 Needs Those Revolutionary Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses!

George Lane  11:32 am | Advertorial in Tech Gadgets

After the milestone age of 50, even the most perfect vision will start going downhill.

Mine sure did, and I depend on my computer to do my job.

Focusing on close-up objects became increasingly difficult. I felt tired and drowsy all the time. And I didn’t even realize it was a vision problem.

A single pair of prescription glasses was no longer enough. And I had to change my prescriptions every couple of months. It was so frustrating and expensive!

Fortunately, we now have an amazing pair of self-adjusting glasses that promises to fix your vision in seconds! Without breaking the bank.

But is it as good as the manufacturer claims?

We decided to test it ourselves and see first-hand what these affordable glasses can do…

What Is It?

It’s called VisionFocus and it’s a true game-changer!

Let’s face it, most of us don’t change our prescription as often as we should.

With VisionFocus, WE DON’T HAVE TO!

It’s 100% ADJUSTABLE! You can fix your eyesight - WITHOUT visiting your optometrist.

VisionFocus is built to last you a lifetime - scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses paired with a fashionable rugged frame. It’s basically indestructible!

It works perfectly for both short & farsighted people. I keep a second pair in my glove compartment, so I don’t have to re-adjust my “main” glasses when I’m driving.

How Does It Work?

(VisionFocus has a handy dial on the side. Easily adjust your vision from -6 to +3.)

VisionFocus is a never-before-seen innovation in the world of medical glasses! Its secret lies in the revolutionary dual sliding lens technology.

VisionFocus is 2 pairs of eyeglasses packed into one stylish frame (regular & reading glasses)!

It features 2 parallel lenses for each eye, controlled by a handy dial on the side. You can slide the plates over each other until you reach the perfect setting for your vision.

(The innovative dual lens design is patented)

VisionFocus can cover the range from -6 diopters for shortsightedness to +3 for farsightedness. That’s beyond impressive in my book!

It’s also very easy to use:

  • Step 1: Put the glasses on
  • Step 2: Adjust the dials on each side until you get 20/20 vision
  • Step 3: Enjoy your perfect vision

The package comes with a professional eye chart used by optometrists and physicians.

What’s So Great About VisionFocus?

✅  Easy & cheap way to test your vision from home

VisionFocus lets you check the quality of your vision in the privacy of your home.

✅  Perfect as “spare glasses”

VisionFocus is a lifesaver if your delicate bi/trifocals break and you need a replacement pair in a pinch.

✅  No expensive trips to the optometrist

Forget about scheduling appointments and wasting money on optometry tests. Check your vision quality in seconds with VisionFocus!

Who Can Benefit From VisionFocus?

Feel tired & drowsy all the time? You might be experiencing a vision problem. VisionFocus is a perfect solution to test and fix your eyesight without visiting an optometrist.

You definitely need a pair if you’re experiencing double, distorted or blurry vision. Having regular headaches. Squinting often and straining your eyes. Having trouble driving at night…

It’s also very popular to be used as spare glasses, in case something happens to your “main glasses”.

FAQ About VisionFocus

Do I need to visit a doctor?

No, VisionFocus is extremely easy to use and comes without a prescription. You can adjust the lenses to adapt to your vision without any special tools and skills.

Are they easy to clean?

Absolutely! VisionFocus features polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and liquid contaminants. You can clean them in seconds without wasting money on expensive cleaning sprays and special microfiber cloths.

What Do Others Think?


How Much Does VisionFocus Cost?

The original price of VisionFocus is $99. This is less than some of us paid for the frames we currently wear. But it actually gets better, as VisionFocus is having a landmark sales celebration, offering 50% discount and worldwide shipping! Making it cost less than even the cheapest pair of glasses any of us ever had. (Now just $49)

I suggest anyone to give them a chance. Before the sale ends!

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

I had some doubts about this technology, but I changed my mind the moment I put them on. It was so easy “hitting” the right setting, even a child could do it.

For that price, I can say that VisionFocus offers the best money-to-value ratio on the market!

If you’re experiencing ANY type of vision problems, I warmly recommend ordering yours right now, before they’re out of stock again.

How To Get Your Very Own VisionFocus?

If they’re still in stock, here’s how to get your device:

  • Order VisionFocus from the official website
  • Enjoy the difference VisionFocus will make for your eyesight

It’s that simple!

* Update:

Ever since VisionFocus was featured on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first-time-buyer 50% discount.

What Others Are Saying About VisionFocus?

Joey S.
"I never realized my vision problem was this bad until I ordered VisionFocus. They allowed me to compensate and drive again. I heard about them from a friend and I can’t thank him enough."
Dan B.
"I use them as reading glasses. VisionFocus eliminated my headaches caused by eye strain when reading the newspaper. I just close one eye, adjust the lens on the other one, repeat the process, and I’m good to go. It’s really easy."
Marty P.
"I used to wear prescription glasses for reading - but they changed my eyes and I needed to update the lenses regularly, which costs a ton of cash! VisionFocus allows me to adapt and use the same glasses over and over again. They saved me a lot of money already and a bunch of unnecessary visits to the optometrist."